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Note: Personal Remote Support

Personal remote support is now moved over to entreTools as the primary access point.  It's the same service, just the site for accessing has moved.

Remote Support

Remote support allows remote control of your computer for support purposes. Using remote support is so much simpler and better than trying to explain things in a phone call. Using remote support it is easy to see exactly what it is that you are experiencing on your computer, and often I can show you exactly what you need to do to achieve what you need - whether solving a problem with the computer or discovering a new way to use your software.

There are several options for remote support depending upon your needs.  You can install the full version of the software if there is a need for long term support and unattended support.  Just click the "Share Screen" button to the left. You will be asked how long to allow access for... for many of my customers the recommended selection is 1 year. That allows me to access your computer for that period of time to perform necessary maintenance and problem resolution without bothering you or requiring you to be there. It's a lot more efficient for you.  If you don't have the software (TemViewer) installed you will be given instructions to download the application and create a user ID and login information.

You can also select instant support which allows a single, quick session with no software installation. With this option you will generally need to be present during the support session so that you can respond to specific actions and be available to start the support session again should the system need to be rebooted.

PC | Mac | Linux

QuickSupport Install

Select this option for an on-demand support session.

PC | Mac | Linux

Full Install

Only needed if you want the ability to host remote sessions or conduct meetings.