How to Get a Website

A website provides you space on the internet.  That space can be used for so many things that your imagination can come up with; a blog of your greatest adventures, a place to share your passions, or a store to provide great products to your visitors.

Getting yourself a website is an interesting adventure.  I like to relate it to building a house.  Building a house can be very simple as the basic concepts are pretty easy.  You need a number of things in order to build that house, such as;

  • A land lot where you are going to build the house.
  • An address so that your home can be found.
  • A design or plan as to what you are going to build
  • Various materials such as lumber, sheetrock, and nails.
  • Various tools such as hammers, saws, and levels.
  • Finishing touches such as kitchen appliances.

Armed with all of the things that you need to build a house, you are fully capable of building your house.  And many people have been very successful building their own house.  But others can struggle figuring out all the intricacies of putting it all together, do not want to deal with the mistakes that a first-time home builder will always make, or just don't want to spend them time learning how to build the house.

This analogy can also be applied to getting your website.  If you have all the required materials and tools you are fully capable of building your own website, and many people have been very successful doing it.  Yet there is significant complexity in building a website and many people prefer to have someone else take care of the majority of the detailed building.

If you are looking for someone that is an expert at managing your website building project, building the perfect website for you, and providing a full range of services to help you achieve your vision for the website, we would like to help you.  


Hosting is what provides your website a home.  It provides housing for your website and a doorway to all that you offer.  Visitors can visit you in your web home.  They can converse with you there. They can buy things from you there. They can watch videos with you there.

And just like homes come in many sizes with many different amenities, so it is with website hosting.  Many people start out conservative with a small hosting plan, and as their visitors and business grows they move into larger facilities. So don't be afraid to pick a plan that you intuitively feel will meet your needs; you can always move into a more expansive facility as your success grows!


domain is the "speeddial" address to your website.  The domain is a name that links to the address of your website on the internet.  Just as a phone number or street address can be given a name, so can you website be given a name.  For example, when you obtain hosting for your website, there is a specific address that is given to that website. You may recognize it as an IP address such as 196.254,126.23.  But it is a lot easier to refer to that address by a name.  That name is referred to as a domain name.  If you get a domain name such as, that name can be configured to point to a specific IP address, and thus to your website.

Domain names for just 88 cents!

Site Builder

site builder is the tool, or set of tools, that you use to actually build your website.  This is what actually puts pages of text, images, videos, and even links to other sites, onto your website.  There are many tools that are required to build websites, just as there are many tools to build a house.  One major tool, and one of the most popular, is WordPress. WordPress is a very sophisticated tool that helps you to manage and create the many pages that will go onto your website.  Along with WordPress there are many other major and minor tools that will help you along the way.


Did you know that websites are targeted by viruses and malware.  It's really sick that some worthless people target websites for harm just because they can, but it is also reality.  And you need to have monitoring and protection on your website.

We are able to setup 24 hour monitoring and automated protection.   It doesn't absolutely prevent your website from getting some of the bad stuff, but it sure does help.  Just like a vaccine doesn't completely prevent you from getting sick, the same is true with websites.

Website Visibiity

Having a website is great, but having people find it is way better.  For example, let's say that your website is all about the joys of motorcycle riding (yeah, that's one of my passions.) You put up some great content. You pick out some wonderful products that you think your readers will love.

But what if no one knows about your site? What if someone who is searching for information on the joys of motorcycling can't find your website? No point in having a website, is there?



The speed of your website is important.  Did you know that according to an article in The Guardian, 32% of visitors will start abandoning slow sites within the first five seconds?  Wow!  You have to be quick!

It doesn't matter if you are on budget hosting or on high-performance hosting, there are things that can be done with every website to improve its performance. Granted, budget hosting will not perform as well as high-performance hosting,  but there are still things that can be done, and one could argue that its even more important.

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