Total SERP Management Console Review

Total SERP control features

Manage SERP and SEO all from one Management Console. I work a lot with search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine result page (SERP) activities for my own business and for clients.  There’s a lot of work in this (as anyone else who is involved with it will tell you), and as with any complex…

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Hiding download pages and other pages from search engines

As you develop your website you will no doubt have various pages that are “backend” pages.   These pages might include download pages, thank you pages, policy pages, or whatever.   For web marketing we optimize our sites for search engines and we do not want these types of pages to show up in search engines.…

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Should I choose a web site or blog site?

Photo Source I had an interesting conversation with a client the other day that caused me some reflection. This conversation was about converting the client’s existing ASPX based site to a blog site.  I wanted to do this for several reasons: Jean had both the ASPX web site and also a WordPress blog hosted at…

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