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Norm Sash

Marketing Guidance and Handy Tools for Entrepreneurs


As a veteran of careers spanning Entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 companies, I am very versed in the knowledge and technology needed to market and run a business.  Entrepreneurs are experts in their chosen field, but typically have a lot of fear and uncertainty when it comes to online marketing and technology.

To overcome this, entrepreneurs need to breakdown these fears and limitations in order to make "technical" and "marketing" seem less scary and more accessible.

I'm passionate about guiding and enabling motivated entrepreneurs at all levels to reach beyond their perceived technical and marketing limitations.  Through experience, guidance, support, access to user friendly tools, building improved knowledge, and teaching applicable skills, I help entrepreneurs take ownership of their online presence.

Ever wonder how the different events in your life have directed you to where you are now? I've wondered the same about my life -- how did a farm boy from southern Minnesota become deeply involved in Internet Marketing and Webmarketing? Not that I have any answers; I just simply wonder. That's what I do a lot of. I ask questions and look for possibilities.

That "question" thing holds true in just about everything I do, including Internet Marketing. I love to look at a business and ask "why". It could be a process, could be a policy, could be an assumption, or whatever. I love to ask the questions and question the assumptions.

By doing that I - and my client - can better understand this puzzle of WebMarketing. And it is a unique puzzle for every client. No two clients are the same, and no solutions to the puzzle are the same. Of course there are guidelines ("The code is more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules." -- Barbossa, Pirates of the Caribbean) and they certainly provide a framework.  In fact, I've got some great frameworks that you can build on in my [show me] service.

But if you are looking to go deeper, or need some help solving the puzzle, I would love to get in the game with you - check out my Show Me, and my "Do it for Me" services.

Hey, I'm not going to try to pretend to you that Nerdman's is a large corporation with thousands of employees.  That's what a lot of Internet Marketers try to do, and I think that it is a disservice.

I'm about the personal touch. Nerdman's is me, plus a number of other experts and resources that I've lined up over the years of working in technology and marketing. I focus on you, and your business. Who do you turn to for advice on technology and business products?  Frankly, I get a lot of questions from friends and family on what to get, or how to do something” they consider me the trusted Nerd (hmmm, I wonder where the site name Nerdmans came from).  So rather than just trying to keep the information in my head (no way my brain can handle it!) I decided to share my info with anyone.   Some clients are just in start-up mode while other clients have existing thriving businesses. In all cases, it is about me helping you to achieve your goals online.